Saturday, March 12, 2016

What Do Trump Supporters REALLY Want?

As someone who made a living for the majority of my working life as a political observer and commentator, I view the rise of Donald Trump as a triumph of our political system - NOT its downfall as so many establishment politicians in BOTH parties, as well as the Lamestream Media (LSM) want you to believe.

The majority of people supporting Trump are NOT the nut jobs, racists, misogynists, and basic morons the political establishment - with the help of the highly biased LSM - would like to convince you they are. The truth is, both parties, as well as the LSM are scared sh*tless of Donald Trump. Why? Because they have absolutely no leverage that will allow them to exert the kind of control over Trump that they have over Hillary, Bernie, Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, Romney, et. al. Trump is not beholden to anyone but the voters - and that's as it should be

The political establishment's biggest fear is the threat a President Trump represents to the liberal's socialist, one-world government ambitions, and taxpayer-funded elitist lifestyles, coupled with Conservative's fear of loosening the financial and political strangleholds they've had on the American people for generations

For the most part, Trump supporters don't care he is rude, crude and obnoxious. To them, his outrageous politically incorrect pontifications are a breath of fresh air. They find it absolutely amazing that a politician is actually saying out loud what many people are privately thinking. Most supporters are ordinary, hard-working Americans who honestly believe BOTH parties are hopelessly corrupt. They're frustrated and very angry, sincerely believing government elitists and the shadowy, behind the scenes political establishment don't care what's best for America, they care what's best for them. They believe the political establishment power brokers own the system, have rigged it in their favor, and the American Dream has become an endangered species. And to a great extent, they're right.

A good many of them are ordinary Americans - small business people and working class folks who grew up during a better time in our nation. They came of age with the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King preaching non-violent racial equality - not the Black Lives Matter brand of blatantly violent, anarchist racism. They grew up when hard work got you ahead, earned you more money, and opened career doors - unlike today's $15 an hour minimum wage, burger-flipping entitlement mentality. They grew up when differences in religion weren't a reason for a beheading, or for broadcasting it over the Internet. They grew up in a country where philosophical, economic, racial religious, sexual, and all the other differences dividing America today, were not only tolerated, but were respected and celebrated. That's why Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan resonates so strongly with them. They remember when America was great.

Younger Trump supporters long for the same American opportunity their parents and older peers once experienced and still believe in. They understand there is more than enough blame to go around about how we got to where we are today. But to them, it's become a case of, "fix the problem, not the blame." Today's sharply divided America is NOT the nation these people want to raise their children in, or pass on to their grandchildren. They see Donald Trump as offering the ONLY hope they have of "fixing the problem" and creating a better life, and better country, for themselves, their kids, and their grand-kids. That's because they've lost all faith in our current political system and in its so-called "leaders."

In spite of what the LSM would have you believe, many Trump supporters are Democrats and Independents who tend to lean left. Many also believe it's past time for a woman to be president. However, they view Hillary's blatant, in-your-face dishonesty along with her complete and total lack of ethics as offering only more of the same politically corrupt elitism - which doesn't give them any real reason to support her. Meanwhile, any thinking person who understands basic 6th-grade math also understands that in spite of all the promises of "free stuff," Bernie's "Democratic Socialist" platform is nothing more than a shortcut to financial hardship and a lower standard of living - both individually and collectively - and a much faster way to get there than the path we're already on. 

However, they also realize Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, Romney, and the Republican establishment offer nothing substantially different and/or better for them over the long term than the Democrats - it will just be more of the same, and business as usual. The party's attempts at trying to stop Trump have backfired, just reinforcing their view that a hopelessly corrupt system is actively working against them to preserve the political status quo for the benefit of the elitists in power. It's certainly a very sad commentary on the status of our political system today. However, it's what is driving the millions of new voters Trump's candidacy has awakened, and brought into our political process. 

What the entrenched political establishment refuses to understand or acknowledge, is that there is a revolution underway. That to millions of Americans, Donald Trump ironically represents what We The People want and need - and the elitists on BOTH sides have failed to deliver. And that is real, true, and honest, Hope and Change.