Thursday, August 10, 2006

"Reprisals" Are a LAME Excuse to Duck a Debate

Jim Rye, the Kitsap County Deputy Sheriff's Guild-backed candidate challenging incumbent Sheriff Steve Boyer, has said he is afraid of "reprisals" if he debates his boss.

Gimme a break! That is about the most lame and pathetic excuse I have ever heard. Rye has openly challenged Boyer to an election for crying out loud. Why is he suddenly afraid of a simple debate?

Frankly, I think Rye is scared to debate Boyer because he knows Boyer has done a good job, is very well liked by the people of Kitsap County, and knows he will get his ass kicked from Port Orchard to Bainbridge Island and back again when actual facts are being debated, not innuendo, accusations and rumors. The differences in their personal styles and the likeability factor will also become extremely transparent in a public setting. Rye can't risk that. But as long as he can hide out and lob cheap shots at Boyer from behind the union’s "blue wall," rather than face him in public, he isn't accountable either.

Rye brags he has been with the department for 30+ years. You have to wonder why he never advanced beyond the rank of Patrolman. The answer is because you have to pass the Sergeant’s exam to do so, and Rye has failed it — more than once.

In my view, Rye is actually a stand-in for Guild President Mike Rodrique, who really wants to be Sheriff, but probably couldn't get elected. But if Rye wins, look for Rodrique to be named Undersheriff — which is second in command at the cop shop.

The issue facing the voters is really pretty simple: Do the citizens of Kitsap County want the police union in charge of law local enforcement, or do they want a proven Sheriff who isn't afraid of a simple public debate? The answer is a no-brainer in my opinion. Boyer deserves to be re-elected. Hopefully, a large margin of victory will send a message to the union. Unfortunately, I’m not sure the leadership wants to hear it.


  1. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Thanks for getting out the facts on Jim Rye. I keep hearing negative campaigning against Sheriff Boyer and I couldn't understand why. Now I do. In my opinion Boyer is doing a great job especially with a county that is growing steadily.

    I have seen Jim Rye, or at least I thought I did, at Whaling Days. There was a booth for him, but it looked like he was hiding in the back and wasn't actively talking to the voters walking by. Others were doing that. I personally thought that was strange for someone who was challanging an incumbant. You would want to connect with people right?

  2. Anonymous11:20 PM

    Reprisals? Take a look at the what happened to those that ran against Sheriff Boyer in 1998. One became the Chief of Detectives and is now the Chief of Gig Harbor PD. The other was promoted to LT. 2 other Mike Davis supporters were appointed as Chiefs. Maybe if Rye did debate Sheriff Boyer, he might be promoted to Sgt, something he hasn't been able to do in 33 yrs.

  3. I think ducking a debate is lame, period. Why wouldn't somebody running for office not jump at the opportunity to defend their positions to the people they are interviewing with?

    I am extremely disheartened that Senator Cantwell has turned down Mike McGavick's offer to debate in all nine Congressional districts. I believe we would see a refreshing, well thought out, debate on the issues between two smart, moderate, articulate politicians. It is too bad that the Senator is afraid to defend her record, running as a Democrat in a Democratic state. She should ask Christine Gregoire how the duck and cover, don't stand for anything strategy worked for her.

    I am a moderate Republican, and fell left out by the current administration and those in charge of my party. I am also not a huge Cantwell-hater. I appreciate many of the votes she has taken. However, her lack of anything other than an empty triangulation campaign for re-election has sealed my vote for McGavick.

    I agree with you, Rye is a coward. If he is afraid of reprisals than he has not business standing for public office. This Republican is a fan of Democrat Steve Boyer. He will be getting my vote.

    I very much enjoy your blog and am glad to see someone bring up West Sound issues in the blogosphere.

  4. Peter T.W.11:36 AM

    Remember that the primary voting is only by party. So be carefull on who you vote for. If I understand it correctly, if I vote for a R in any category I can not vote for a D if there is no R in the race

  5. Anonymous4:38 PM

    You mentioned Mike Davis becoming the Chief of Detectives. Right you are - a demotion from his position as Undersheriff and Acting Sheriff at the time. He didn't even apply for the Chief position, he actually applied for the Undersheriff position with Boyer. Boyer didn't want to upset the other D's that supported Davis since Boyer only beat him by 2K in the primary that year so he kept him on in a lesser position where he could control his actions and still hang high politically. The Lt you mention is a Civil Service position and the person happens to be a female and an attorney. You think Boyer would want to take that on? As for reprisals, you bet there will be reprisals if Rye debates him. Boyer just recently confronted one of his employees because that employee's spouse wrote a letter to the editor talking against Boyer. Boyer likes to intimidate his employees and this is just one of many examples of that poor behavior that supports the need for him to go. You folks talk a good talk but none of you work for the man or know what goes on at the Office. Come walk in one of his employee's shoes and then you can judge all you want.

  6. What reprisal?? Of course this is just another example of a guild member distoring the facts. Maybe you should learn about telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

    What about other appointments made by the Sheriff of those that supported Mike Davis?

    All of this boils down to a labor organization that wants to run the Sheriffs Office. I see in Sun that it is official Rodrigue is the next U/S. He has the same qualifications as Rye, ZERO>>>>