Thursday, September 28, 2006

No Suprises In Primary Results

I was only mildly surprised Jack Hamilton upset Patty Lent. I have to wonder if many hardcore Democrats voted Republican believing Hamilton would be easier to defeat than Lent.

There’s no question there was a backlash over her Critical Areas Ordinance vote. To many Republicans, it was the ultimate betrayal. I believe Lent and her supporters seriously underestimated the level of grassroots anger over the CAO. Also, I am not certain Lent ever understood exactly what that vote meant in terms of damage that will never be undone.

Either way, I believed it would be very close, but Lent would prevail. The Democrats could live with Lent since she votes with Chris Endresen more often than Jan Angel. But in the end it was her own Republicans who couldn’t.

As for the other results, if you scroll down a few posts, you will see we are batting 1000 on the results we predicted.

1 comment:

  1. Don't forget the many Republicans who crossed over to re-elect Boyer. They probably assumed Patty Lent would win without their support.