Thursday, October 12, 2006


I have received a number of inquiries as to why there have not been any updates here for awhile.

The answer is simple... I recently spent five days as a guest at the Harrison Medical Resort in picturesque East Bremerton. Without going into a lot of detail at this time, I have been at home recovering after nearly dying as a result of what can only be termed a very unexpected and "bizarre" chain of events.

Even as a professional wordsmith, I do not know how to express the gratitude both myself and my family feel towards the the Firefighter/EMTs of South Kitsap Fire-Rescue. Quite simply, I owe my life to their quick response and great training. How do you say "Thank You" adequately to the people who gave you back your life?

Thanx for your patience and understanding. More soon...


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  1. It figures: I just stumbled onto your blog. Pull yourself together and give me a chance to give you a piece of my mind in the future -- when I have any to spare. ;-)