Thursday, January 11, 2007

Is Josh "Moving In?"

It's my understanding after numerous phone conversations today, that Josh Brown has been seen "moving in" to the apartment he claims to have been living in since he filed for election. From what I can gather, there are several reliable witnesses (read, neighbors) who have given legal depositions stating this as a fact.

Also, a Bainbridge Island resident has filed an eligability challenge based on Josh's residence, and it's my understanding that both of Josh's Democratic primary opponents are close to doing so as well, although there is is no verification of that - yet.

Since I am in Scottsdale, Arizona at the moment and was in Detroit from last Sunday until Tuesday when I arrived here, it's been difficult keeping up with this. More as it develops.


  1. It is obvious that Josh Brown has been untruthful about his residence.
    This kind of behavior is a badge of honor with the democratic party. Look at William Jefferson's standing ovation with the black caucus in the house. If this is how Josh starts his career, imagine what he will do in the future if he isn't removed.

  2. It's time for Josh to tell the truth.

    If he lived there, he needs to prove it. If he didn't, he needs to resign. Either way, we need to get this behind us.

  3. Anonymous4:39 PM

    InformedVoter said:

    "It is obvious that Josh Brown has been untruthful about his residence."

    Obvious in what way? Because of some hearsay claims stating *someone* saw activity that they hadn't noticed before?

    How do they know he is "moving in"? Maybe he is "moving out"; maybe he is getting new furniture; maybe they only started to notice activity after the private investigators started showing pictures and pointing to the unit (like when you buy a red car, you never realized how many red cars are on the road).

    I don't see how it is "obvious" without any bona fide evidence actually presented.

  4. You're grasping at straws here trying to defend Josh, without having any solid ammunition to do it with.

    I think in the end he's going to disappoint you.

    In the meantime, let's let the courts sort it out and move on.

  5. I made a joke about Josh Brown using an X Box on another blog , just trying to ligten things up .
    Chris Endresen e mailed me about it and CC it to the other two Commissioners . Talk about Government spying on you , I had just sent e mail about a Human Rights Council appointment , it was not even related . So I decided to do some checking on this Josh Brwon deal , and why so many lefties were flipping out , especially because they say it has no merit ?

    You know he is the elected Commissioner , and should be treated with respect .. I
    Also we must also remember this is a legal manner now , and should be treated as such .. So what bugs me a bit is the process, because the process should alloow Josh Brown to do his job without folks thinking he cheated .

    The following three elected officials should have stated no comment when speaking for their office .

    According to the PDC , Commissioner Chris Endresen gave 250 dollars to the Josh Brown Campaign
    Auditor Karen Flynn Gave 125 Dollars
    Prosecutor Russ Hauge gave 100 Dollars

    It really looks bad when people with a special interest speak for their offices when a conflict of interest is involved . They are not helping Josh Brown , they made it worse ..