Saturday, March 24, 2007

Is There Nothing Too Low For NASCAR Opponents?

It appears there is nothing too low or out of the bounds of decency and good taste where the opponents of NASCAR are concerned. In addition to defacing a number of “Back The Track” signs located on private property, recently, the Web site Green NASCAR, which promotes the use of environmentally sustainable practices by NASCAR in general, and specifically at the proposed track, was hacked.

The local, privately-owned site was defaced with pornography and other distasteful things by some out of control zealot determined to discredit the effort to bring championship auto racing here.

While the highly organized and ongoing disinformation campaign waged by opponents continues to run in high gear, this action is simply indefensible. No matter how you feel about NASCAR, when the culprit responsible is caught and exposed publicly — and I have no doubt that will happen — the opponent’s public image and credibility will suffer severe, perhaps irreparable damage. And unless opponents — and I’m certain there are some that know who it is — expose this lowlife themselves, that’s exactly what they’ll deserve.

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