Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Campaign Trail, Volume One

I've spent the past couple of weeks doorbelling — doing a minimum of 50 doors a day, and usually more.

There are a number of common threads emerging — or at least those that are city issues.

Downtown Port Orchard is far and away at the very top of the list. Local voters are
demanding action. This should be good news for the businesses down there, but could spell trouble for a couple of incumbent city council candidates. The most frequently asked question: "Why can't we be more like Poulsbo or Gig Harbor?" Several have mentioned Monterey and Sausalito as comparables to aspire to as well. The fact we are a waterfront jewel just waiting to be polished, isn't lost an anyone.

Our top priority issue of public safety has resonated extremely well — especially among young families wanting information about sex offenders and where they are located. There are online tools available to law enforcement detailing their locations, and Police Chief Al Townsend is anxious to put these in place. I've also had a number of residents talk to me about a couple of specific locations of meth trafficking, which I've passed on to our PD.

I've come to realize how economically disadvantaged our community is. It's MUCH worse than I ever imagined. There's a huge dichotomy between those of comfortable means, the middle class, and those who struggle to make ends meet on a daily basis.

Something else that's become very apparent is that there is a LOT of lingering anger about the rejection of NASCAR — at least in this end of the county. I've had more than one voter ask me as I've stood on their doorstep, point blank, where I stood on this. To a person, they swore they would vote against EVERY politician who was against it. Larry — You wouldn't want NASCAR fans living next door to YOU — Seaquist is going to face the brunt of this wrath — IF he even runs for re-election. From what i can see, this issue could make the difference between him and a credible Republican winning that seat.

Anyway, that's it for now, but I will be posting regular updates as I continue doorbelling and let you know what the pulse of the community is.

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  1. Lary I would like to voice my supoort for continued development of the Port Orchard waterfront area. I can't count how many times between my wife and I that we have mentioned the potential PO has. As Bremerton residents we actually prefer dining in PO. We were at Amy's this weekend and noticed the sign showing their support for you. One little suggestion for yourself and the council, the reason we prefer PO over Bremerton is the parking in Bremerton is outrageous. Please keep that in mind as PO continues its growth.