Friday, August 22, 2008

Money Can't Buy You Love, Fred...

Here is an interesting bit of information from the 35th District race, sent to me by Daimon Doyle…

Out of all 304 candidates vying for a legislative seat — both House and Senate — Democrat Fred Finn, who is seeking the 35th District House seat vacated by the retirement of Democrat Bill Eickmeyer, ranked eighth in fundraising among all House candidates, and 16th overall.

In terms of spending however he ranked second only to Joseph James in the 17th (Clark County) who was trying to hold on to Republican control of the district and running against incumbent Jim Dunn. James raised about $4,000 less than Finn but spent $4,000 more.

To have spent more than 302 candidates, many of whom were in much more hotly contested raises and yet barely come out ahead of his Republican opponent — Randy Neatherlin — who raised five times less money, is at the very least an embarrassment. And in a district with a vacant Democratic seat that traditionally votes 60 percent Democratic, some might consider that a major upset.

Incidentally, it is rumored that Finn spent most of his money in Kitsap County, and is still losing to Neatherlin by nearly three points. I guess money can’t buy you love, Fred — or votes.

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