Saturday, September 06, 2008

Some Thoughts On Sarah Palin

Although I'm a registered Democrat, I view myself as a "Radical Centrist" and proudly vote as an independent. I make no apologies for supporting the best and most qualified candidates for any particular office. That's why I strongly support Dino Rossi for governor. Considering the complete and total mess Christine Gregoire has made of our state — including blowing a $2.5 billion surplus and turning it into a $2.7 billion deficit — not to mention letting the unions and tribes run amok, how any thinking person could support her just totally escapes me. As the person cleaning up the mess Kim Abel left in Port Orchard, I support Jan Angel for the 26th District House, for the very same reason.

The bottom line for me is not about partisan politics. It's about competence.

Which brings us to why, although I originally was an early supporter of Barack Obama, I'll be voting for John McCain and Sarah Palin. The liberal mainstream media (MSM), coupled with the Democratic Party (a branch of the MSM — or is it the other way around?), had a field day vilifying McCain for choosing Palin, carping about his "lack of judgment" for selecting someone so "inexperienced." Yet they continually fail to mention that Barack Obama has exactly 143 days of Senate experience — and absolutely none balancing a budget or running any kind of government organization. They also conveniently neglect to mention Obama has zero foreign policy experience, and that his VP is suspect at best in that realm as well.

Considering how Palin has successfully run both a city and a state government, she actually has MORE "experience" in dealing with the actual nuts and bolts of government than either Obama or Joe Biden. Meanwhile, the Democrats whine about her hairstyle, the fact she wore a skirt when she gave that killer speech at the convention, her pregnant, unmarried daughter, and what a bad decision she made to have a Down Syndrome baby rather than abort it.

When that didn't work, things took a more vicious turn, as rumors began circulating that she had an affair, that she cut funding for special needs kids, that she insisted books be banned from Alaska libraries, and worse. And then there's that whole red herring "Bridge to Nowhere" issue. None of that has worked either. Go figure.

But my question is this: Could Sarah Palin actually be the next Ronald Reagan? I think that possibility scares the crap out of the Democrats more than any other single thing about her. Palin immediately connected with voters in much the same way Reagan did. She is an everyday Mom and voters identify with her — perhaps the same way they identified with a certain "Mom in tennis shoes." She believes in Reagan's ideals, and she has the courage of her convictions. Palin has the charisma of both Reagan and Bill Clinton, combined with the toughness of Harry Truman and/or Dick Cheney, and is much more likable — not to mention feminine — than Hillary. In the South where I grew up, she's what we call a "Steel Magnolia."

This should have been the Democrats' year. But in my view they've made two critical mistakes.

• NOT nominating Hillary for President.

• NOT nominating Hillary for Vice President.

The Democrats could be kicking themselves for the next decade or longer, after the possibility of at least one McCain-Palin term, and possibly two, followed by two Palin-Jindall or Palin-Pawlenty terms.

Obama was a MSM-driven juggernaut until his insecurities began surfacing when he chose marginally effective Washington insider Joe Biden as his VP, instead of boldly stepping up to select Hillary. That, coupled with his treatment of Palin in the days since her selection, has clearly demonstrated a major weakness in Obama's confidence — a weakness that hasn't escaped American voters. And Americans have no patience for weakness in their leaders — as witnessed by Obama's declining poll numbers.

Conversely, McCain chose Palin not to steal Obama's thunder by the timing of the announcement (which it clearly did) but because he believes
she can lead.

Palin has already demonstrated courage, strength, and grace under pressure. One example the MSM won't report because it illustrates just how strong, smart, and quick on her feet she is, is that during her kick-ass speech at the convention, the teleprompter went blank less than halfway through it. Palin didn't even blink, much less stumble. She winged it — with stunning results.

What I find extremely ironic about all this, is that by becoming the first woman vice president in America's history, Sarah Palin will be the one to shatter the glass ceiling. It almost makes you feel sorry for Hillary. Almost...

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