Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Picture That Says It all...

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The name of the book Obama is reading is called The Post-American World, and it was written by a fellow Muslim. Just in case you don't get it, "Post America" means the world after America!

Snopes and Truth-Or-Fiction both say this is an accurate photo. Snopes attempts to mitigate the implications of Obama reading such a book, but facts are facts and they do confirm the photo as real.

I've never bought into all of that Obama is a Muslim, or where's the birth certificate rhetoric. However, leopards don't change their spots — and neither do Marxist Socialist Muslims. As I've written several times before, don't listen to what Obama, his spin-meisters, and his apologists "say." Look at what it is Obama does, and who he surrounds himself with, i.e. friends, associates and mentors... as well as what he reads. 
I believe America is at a crossroads in our history. If we don't get control of Congress in November, this nation as we know it is toast. 



  1. So should we extend "Look at what they DO and who they surround themselves with" to our local officials? Did you, or have you, changed your spots, Lary? Are you going to continue drunk driving? The hypocrisy in this post is absolutely staggering.

    Did you do any independent research on the book or its author? The man was born in India with a secular upbringing. He was educated at Yale and Harvard, became managing editor for Foreign Affairs, and wrote for Newsweek International. The man is an expert in foreign relations and the effects of globalization. Dismissing his work because of the color of his skin and his place of birth is reprehensible. Should we just as quickly dismiss all the things you say going forward because you were arrested for DUI? How do you not see the hypocrisy?

    His book isn't about the downfall of the United States, its about the rise of other countries like China, India, Russia and Brazil and suggests strategies for adapting to a new global environment. Globalization is a very real thing, and the rise of countries like China and India are undeniable. The United States isn't always going to be the global superpower to the extent it has been since the Cold War. Our elected officials can't afford to keep their heads in the sand about the changing global landscape.

    So he has the book, big deal. Is it a bad thing that our president seeks out more information around the world around us? Have you ever read a book that you didn't agree with? This picture wasn't worth a thousand words, it's worth two: big deal.

    Really, there is so much wrong with this post and it displays a total lack of intellectual honesty and curiosity. To so quickly dismiss a piece of work because of the person's origins or upbringing is morally disgusting, and I would expect better from anyone, especially a public office holder.

  2. Ian,

    Since you don't know me as a person, or anything about how I actually live my life, I'll ignore your cheap shots at me personally, and cut right to the chase.

    I agree that we are competing in a global economy. But what exactly is wrong with America continuing to strive to be the global economic superpower it's always been, instead of degrading itself into a apologist, second-rate, socialist country because our leadership is determined to turn us into one? Not a damn thing as far as I'm concerned — except for people like you who are willing to accept mediocrity as the standard of accomplishment. I am not, and make no apologies for that point of view.

    I also agree with you that our elected officials can't keep their heads in the sand — but for totally different reasons.

    In my view that means we need to stop catering to those who demand we invest our limited resources in unproven, and highly suspect, endeavors. How much of their GNP are China, India, and Brazil devoting to things like climate change anyway? Meanwhile, we blindly accept that it's an imminent danger to our survival because Al Gore says it is — in spite of the fact there's a mountain of overwhelming evidence that says he's full of crap.

    It's time we stop devoting our competitive resources to things like this, and demand leadership that is willing to stand up to the purveyors of this kind of fraudulent massive misinformation. If we don't, we will certainly achieve Obama's dream of becoming a second-rate, has-been superpower.

    If you buy into that kind of thinking, it's you who "displays a total lack of intellectual honesty and curiosity." Why shouldn't I expect better from YOU?

  3. Anonymous10:04 AM

    "The Post-American World" reminds me of Paul Kennedy's "The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers". Worth the read no matter one's political affiliation or profession.