Thursday, October 14, 2010

Political Sign Wars vs. Southern Women

We just had an interesting new experience with a Democratic sign volunteer.

Those of you who know my wife Dee, know she is the model of decorum — the stereotypical Southern Belle. Besides being genteel and charming, she also possesses the same traits many Southern women are brought up with — the steel magnolia qualities of kindness, and good manners, coupled with confidence, and strength of character and spirit.

So a typical smug, self-righteous, Northwest liberal doesn't stand a chance against people like Dee — as one found out the hard way today.

For those of you unfamiliar with the location of the Wet Apple office, it's on one of the busiest corners in South Kitsap. Because of its visibility on a main thoroughfare and four corners with a stoplight, it's also a prime location for political signs. We have traditionally allowed candidates whom we support — and even some, but not all, we don't particularly like — to put up signs there, as long as they ASK. Ones who put them up without asking, quickly find out they are dispatched to our dumpster with some immediacy.

As Dee returned to the office from an appointment, she saw a volunteer for Sumner Schoenike — the Democratic candidate running for the 26th District House against Jan Angel — pounding a sign in on the corner. To be fair, Schoenike has asked a couple of times if he could put up a sign, and we have told him no.

Dee politely told this guy that he needed to remove it, which he initially refused to do. Dee told him again, in stronger terms, that he needed to not only remove the sign, but he needed to remove himself from our property as well. He started yelling at her, waving his hammer in a threatening way, and demanding to know why.

Dee stood firm, telling him we don't support Schoenike because he has made it very plain he strongly supports a state income tax, and like most small businesspeople, we don't. At that point, the guy started yelling even louder at her, saying he was a health care worker, and that if we didn't vote in an income tax, thousands of people were going to die. By now, people at the stoplight, were rolling down their windows to see why this guy was waving a hammer, and screaming at a woman who refused to be intimidated.

Long story short, by the time Dee finished with this guy — never raising her voice, and standing her ground — he had packed up his sign, his hammer, his attitude, and a Larry Seaquist sign, and was muttering to himself as he slinked away fuming, but with his tail tucked firmly between his legs. When Dee told me what happened, after I stopped laughing, I made it a point to call Larry and let him know who took his sign.

But I have to wonder if such an impolite moron actually learned a lesson about messing with Southern women, or if he was just glad to get away with his testicles still intact. And I hope Sumner Schoenike learns he needs to have more polite people volunteering for him, because this guy is doing him more harm than good.


  1. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Good thing for the both of us he didn't come by while I was there on Wednesday. - Greg

  2. Anonymous4:23 PM

    It's pretty disheartening the lengths some have gone to in this current election cycle.

    I've spent much of the last 2 days fishing driving through Gig Harbor and fishing out dozens of signs that someone decided to huck into bushes and thorns throughout the Gig Harbor area (someone also decided to steal a couple of Jan's 4x4 signs which were located on private property)

    As you know I'm Jan's campaign manager. We take alot of pride in how clean a campaign we run. We haven't run any ads or printed any fliers attacking our opponent, and we haven't participated in any shinanigans such as the one your wife was privy to.

    In the 12 years I've worked for and volunteered on campaigns I've never touched an opponents sign and if I ever found out that one of our volunteers participated in something like that I would ask that they no longer volunteer on our campaign.

    - Adam Isackson

  3. Anonymous11:44 AM

    I loved your description of your wife lary . She sounds like Scarlett OHara and Mother Thersea all roled up in one . Obviously you are a lucky man .

    Mick Sheldon

  4. I find all these campaign signs announcing names without telling more to be a nuisance and as ugly as gang tagging. I hope all the signs are removed promptly after the election and not left as they often are as litter.

    Ed Book

    ps just sayin' my travels, I've found people in general in the Pacific Northwest to be much more friendly, trusting, and helpful than the oft touted southern hospitality (just my experience your experience may vary).

  5. Anonymous10:12 AM

    My son plays Pee Wee football and down by the Givens Field there is an Abby Burlingame. Someone kept pulling it out and laying it down. Every day when I brought my kid I would put it back up. What are these people afraid of? Dan Smallwood