Monday, November 01, 2010

A Very Thought-Provoking Video

This clip has been sent to me by several people, and I thought it was worth sharing. It's quite thought provoking, about what it means to be an American and why.

It's about 9 minutes long, and well worth your time.


  1. Anonymous10:56 PM

    Thanks for posting this, Lary. I find Mr. Prager's website has many great videos available as well. (
    ~ Greg Piper

  2. Craig Peterson2:26 PM

    A crackpot with a smiling Palin next to her, I really didn't need any audio for this message.

    What was his message again? That the left doesn't know what it means to be American? I guess he feels America is better suited for starting illegal wars and denying basic rights to people based on their sexual alignment.

    Is is American to torture? He calls out Iran for torture, yet Bush admits he ok'd waterboarding.

    He claims the US gives more in charities, but that isn't true either. We are currently 5th, behind socialist Canada.

    This guy is a hack for the religious right and it's no surprise Mayor C is a fan.

    Well, the good news is, his side LOST.

  3. Well Craig, that just goes to show what a partisan you must be.

    I never said I was a "fan" of Mr. Prager's or that I supported this point of view — In fact, I had even never heard of him before seeing this. I only stated that I thought it was thought provoking.

    However, that leads to another question... What is it about asking people to "think" and consider what someone else has to say rather than be lead by one political party or the other, that is such a threat to folks like you? Are you afraid they might just say, "Hmmm..." Maybe what I'm used to hearing from my 'usual sources' might not be the only point of view I should consider?"

    Your inane comments make it sound that say. Please tell me where I'm wrong — in your OWN words — without using the scripted political talking points from your obviously partisan "usual sources." You can do that, can't you?


  4. Craig Peterson9:34 AM

    Mayor C,

    Ok, first, I will say sorry for characterizing you as a Prager fan. It was the first time I had heard of him either.

    I am not partisan. I vote for freedom and equality. I vote anti war. I vote pro choice. I do not feel that any party has represented my vote, however Dems do seem less dangerous overall to average Americans way of life.

    Prager to me represents the ultra conservative religious right. I am obviously as far left as he is right.

    I believe that Prager has a right to his religion, but what I find troubling in this nation is the shrinking separation of church and state. Prager is part of that problem.

    Government should represent all people equally. We are Hindus, Indians, Natives, Congregationalists, Buddists, Catholics, Muslims, Agnostics and so on and so on.

    Prager uses faulty facts and failed logic.

    And, frankly I was expecting a post election story from you in the first place!

  5. We seem to agree on some things here...

    I too am an independent, pro-choice, and vote for freedom and equality.

    I like to use this space to make people think, and examine their own points of view, and why they hold them. Exposing them to folks like Prager is an opportunity to do that. It doesn't mean I agree with everything he says — or anything for that matter — or support his views, only that readers should be exposed to opposing opinions.

    That said, what I object to about the current Democratic thinking, is that starting with our president, many Democrats don't believe in the greatness of America — or the things that made it the greatest country on earth — instead, having developed a nanny state, entitlement mentality.

    They are willing to settle for mediocrity as the standard of excellence. I am not, and neither are a great many Americans. Yet we are being told it's okay to believe this is the best we can expect from ourselves. I find that offensive, and that kind of leadership over the long term will turn us into a second rate nation — much like France — while countries that are innovative and support entrepreneurship will thrive. That's not what I want for our future.

    As for a post-election column, I was waiting for the dust to settle, and will write one in the next day or so.

  6. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Dennis Prager is a religious Jew.

    I liked what he said and found much substance to it . Most schools do not teach civics .
    I once was monitoring a class when I was President of a Local PTA as a volunteer. A student asked a teacher the difference between socialism and communism . Why is it better or worse. The teacher responded they were different views and NOT one was essentially better of worse. Obviouly this teacher should not be teaching 8th grade Social Studies. But if you asked this same teacher she would have told you that it is wrong to litter, right to recycle, wrong to not use mass transportation, and right to conserve energy . Morally there are absolutes to her , but if you asked her if was right or wrong to have sex when you knew a person for 30 minutes or 30 days , she would only say it was wrong if you did not use a condom . I liked what Prager said , If anyone is interested in freedom and quality they should be interested in our kids learning about how laws are made, and the original reasoning behind our Constitution. There is a definte right and wrong between communism , socialism and our form of a democratic republic.

    It has never been easy discussing politics, political alliances often have you remembering the last political insult your side had to endure, while the other side remembers the political insult they did .Thanks for your blogs lary, your gentleman regardless if I agree with you or not .

    I happen to be pro life, Christian who is definitely in favor of separation of church and state,
    I certainly have NO fear of the religious right however . Personally from my Faith I believe they have damaged the way the Gospel by mixing politics with it but the big hatred from the left is basically
    because they favor MAINTAINING our laws .The left does not want to keep things the same , the left wants more government in our lives , they want to change America, Europe is often given as an example of the way things should be here. I am much more afraid of liberalism .

    How is taking away the value of your time by THE GOVERNMENT PROMOTING EQUALITY OF FREEDOM . It takes time to earn wages , everytime the government increases your taxes , they are making you give more of your time to the government .

    I quit the republican party a few years ago , party because of what Craig spoke to about torture, but also spending, being dishonest with saying you supported the size of government in check while at the same time spending and enlarging it . Locally the republicans appear more concerned about thinking their important . The democrats appear more important in making others more important and some less important .

    I am the worse of the worse, I am independent , in the middle , road kill.

    I had a son go to iraq , injured his hearing from the bombs also. I personally do not think we should be in Afghanistan or Iraq. Having said that I have a much higher opinion of President Bush or Obama then I do of the murderous regimes we took out in those countries. I am often saddened by how so many on the left seem to take pleasure almost in pointing out the sins of America. As though they are above being patriotic or too smart to Love America.

    Right and wrong is not group think. Based on left or right politics .
    But America I believe still is the worlds greatest hope . Not because of the Americans are superior , but because we have A Constitution that defends freedom and equality, promotes it also.

    Mick Sheldon