Sunday, February 20, 2011

Climbing Out Of America's Financial Mess

We recently marked the two-year anniversary of the day President Barak Obama signed the great “stimulus package” into law. Democrats nationwide claimed the stimulus was needed to keep employment under eight percent, and would jump-start our economy. With 21 months of unemployment nationwide above nine percent, I’d like to know, “Where are the jobs?”

This past November, voters elected more Republicans nationwide than had ever been elected in the history of our country. Clearly, a majority of Americans have rejected the liberal economic policies put in place by Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. 

Our national debt is higher than it’s ever been, the economy hasn’t improved, which it won’t as long as we keep adding to the debt, as the President’s budget calls for. And Obamacare hasn’t even kicked in yet…

Isn’t the first rule of getting yourself out of a hole to stop digging?

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