Friday, November 24, 2006

Am I The Only One?

With the vocal, red herring opposition to “public funding for private enterprise” where NASCAR is concerned, it’s puzzling why the very same people opposing NASCAR for that reason would so strongly support the SEED project.

SEED is specifically meant to attract private enterprise — and is funded 100 percent with the tax dollars its gambling to attempt it.

I want to make it clear that we strongly support SEED and want it to be successful. But doesn’t “NO public funding” for private sector companies mean just that?

Am I the only one who thinks opposing NASCAR over "public funding," while supporting SEED, is just blatantly hypocritical?


  1. On the surface, I think you're right. Supporting one but not the other, using the argument of public funding, isn't really intellectually honest.

    But, the differences between SEED and NASCAR are pretty big, and there are better arguments against NASCAR than the one offered in Lary's post. Opponents of NASCAR should stop echoing the opinions of others, read up on the proposal, and form their own arguments against it.

  2. A quick addition to my previous comment:

    I can see why some would oppose NASCAR, yet at the same time support the SEED project. People see money for NASCAR leaving the area, going out of state to the ISC, while money for SEED staying in the local community. Whether or not thats truly the case, its what a lot of the public is seeing, and part of burden the track proponents are going to have to overcome.