Monday, November 13, 2006

An Explanation...

I have had an unexpected number of people contact me personally as well as talk to my wife, about my posting both here and in the paper about my recent health incident.

In spite of the rumors, I did NOT have a heart attack. t wasn't anything even remotely like that.

What happened was actually kind of bizarre, and in the name of simplicity, I'll give you the abbreviated version.

My grandson's day care called and said they thought he was coming down with the chickenpox - something I never had as a child. I called my doctor who told me to go to the Kitsap County Health Department and immediately get a certain kind of vaccination. So I drove right over there and got a shot.

Without going into a lot of detail, what resulted was a severe reaction to that shot. After several days of not feeling well, I ended up with a temperature of 106 and was unable to breathe. My wife called 911 and South Kitsap Fire-Rescue was dispatched. They took me to Harrison, where I spent five days being treated for severe dehydration and a massive kidney infection.

We’re still not sure if I received the wrong vaccination or if the vaccine I received was somehow contaminated. The technicians at Harrison — where I received excellent care by the way — sent a sample off to the CDC in Atlanta just to be sure.

So there you have it. No heart attack — but certainly a freak occurrence. However, it taught me the importance of being certain that all the people in my life who I care about know they are loved.

And once again, I want to extend the sincerest “Thank You” to the folks at Harrison and especially to the people at South Kitsap Fire-Rescue. They saved my life.

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