Monday, February 05, 2007

Josh Brown Trial

I've had numerous people contact me wanting to know what I thought of today's action on Day One of Josh's residency trial, and asking me to predict an outcome.

Due to one particular comment made by the plaintiff's investigator, I am going to withold all my own comments until the trial is over and a ruling is made by Judge Verser. Until then, I'll have nothing to say.


  1. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Its pretty obvious he didn't live there. Its shameful he cannot come forward and tell the truth. If his parents come forward and lie on his behalf then what type of message does that send to thier kid and to other parents? Its ok to lie as long as there is a job?

  2. Anonymous7:58 PM

    His parents did come forward and lie. Pretty sad. Especially for someone like his father with a security clearance. The most serious thing that came up in the trial was his lying and using his teachers address as voters registration. A felony. What a shame for Kitsap if we have to have this person in for 4 more years.

  3. Anonymous12:24 PM

    "His parents did come forward and lie"

    "it means he gets to break the law, lie to the voters, and get away with both."

    "It is obvious that Josh Brown has been untruthful about his residence"

    A visiting judge ruled fairly based on the evidence. The evidence against Brown was weak and even the private investigator had to admit he had no proof that Brown stayed the night at his parents.

    Apparently if the facts don't end up being what you and the other writers had hoped for, they must all be lies. Here's another thought - maybe you were all wrong.

  4. Keith7:21 PM

    How would you know? Were you at the trial?