Friday, February 23, 2007

Seaquist Steps In It

Freshman 26th District legislator Larry Seaquist just couldn't resist...

It's been obvious from the outset that he's an elitist who thinks NASCAR is something distasteful and totally beneath a person of his stature. Never mind what his constituents think (horror of horrors — they could even be fans!) or the possible positive financial rewards it represents. His mind has been closed on this subject from the beginning, and remains slammed shut.

But this week, he revealed his true, bigoted, inner-self with his comments to the Seattle Times He said that International Speedway Corporation is a "terrible corporate citizen," and predicted that NASCAR promoters would be “terrible neighbors.” He then went on to say “These are not the kind of people you would want living next door to you, they would be the ones with the junky cars in the front yard and would try to slip around the law.”

Upon hearing this trash talk, my wife sent him a blistering email, part of, from which I quote...

For your information, I have a PhD in English, am co-owner of a media company, earn 6 figures, have multiple awards for design, etc., sit on community boards and the executive committee of another countywide board. Every year, I am asked to join other boards. I support the Arts, in donating to the Admiral Theatre and the Bremerton Symphony. 2 years ago, I was lauded as a Woman of Achievement for the YWCA. My husband and I personally donate $1,000 a year to the battered women's shelter.

I publish a top notch Home & Garden magazine, representing the Kitsap Peninsula, exclusively. My daily attire is suit and heels. I am savvy, polished and know my way around any group. I belong to the Columbia Tower Club; my husband sits on the board.

I find your characterization of me highly insulting and demand an apology. As my representative, I expect more from you than an uninformed, shoot from the hip response to the media. How unstatesmanlike!

I am a Democrat; I support labor, the race track, and I vote.

THAT got his attention. He personally called her, apologized and stated he had been sort of misquoted, but not exactly — whatever that means. I called the reporter that wrote the story, and he told me that Seaquist had been quoted exactly — and that he had it on tape.

In every market where ISC does business, they are highly regarded as corporate citizens, so I have to wonder exactly what kind of personal experience Seaquist bases his unjustly prejudiced opinion on.

On several talk radio shows the next day — on more than one station — Seaquist and his comments were the butt of numerous jokes. In fact, on the Ron & Don Show on KIRO, during a debate between Pete Crane (representing the Checkered Flag Club), and Ray (not in my backyard) McGovern, of CHECK, Crane stated that Sen. Derek Kilmer had called a number of Democratic legislators in other states where ISC has tracks and asked them about the company. To a person, they stated ISC was a great corporate citizen, and several allowed that it was perhaps their best corporate citizen.

Prior to his election, I wrote here that I though Seaquist was a pompous ass who didn't value anyone's opinion but his own. I was obviously wrong. Based on his statements and actions since being elected, as well as this embarrasing show of ignorance, I now believe he’s a close-minded, uninformed, bigoted, eitist, pompous ass.

In addition to ISC, I believe he owes NASCAR fans everywhere, not just in the 26th District — an apology.


  1. Keith5:00 PM

    I read that in the Times and cringed with ambarassment for Seaquist, as well as for all Democrats in the 26th. I voted for him, but he obviously doesn't represent me or my views.

    I won't make the mistake of voting for a bigot a second time.

  2. Denise5:02 PM

    I was horrified to read that. What is he thinking?

    Larry Seaquist is an embarassment to us all. What were WE thinking?

  3. I was there when Seaquist spoke. It was very clear to me that he was speaking of the ISC/NASCAR corporate folks, not the fans.
    If it wasn't for the press, we wouldn't have much excitement, would we?

  4. Jonah4:32 AM

    Linda, That was exactly the point as I read this. Considering what Derek found, it appears to me he owes ISC an apology, as well as all of us for embarassing us.