Tuesday, November 08, 2016

My final thoughts on the election...

A number of people have asked me why I support Donald Trump since he is a (fill in the blank(s) here). The answer is simple. For me, it's about what he isn't. What he isn't is a proven dishonest, unethical, corrupt pathological liar who has enriched himself by selling influence and favors that have jeopardized America's national security. 

I'm not even a Republican but an Independent voter. I proudly registered as a Democrat on my 18th birthday, and in all these years don't believe I ever left the Democratic Party, but do believe it has left me. The party that was once the champion of justice and hard-working Americans has become nothing more than a shell of its former self, and today is little more than a mouthpiece for, and vehicle to, change America into a Socialist nation — which will benefit the elites in power, while the rest of us support them with ever-increasing taxes.

Was Donald Trump my first choice? Hell No. Personally, I liked Ben Carson and Carley Fiorina. But the bottom line is that Trump beat 16 of the most powerful Republicans in the country — fair and square — losing only two primaries in the process, coming in a close second in both. Meanwhile Hillary had to blatantly cheat to beat a 76-year old Communist who rightfully earned it out of the nomination, brazenly demonstrating a level of absolute political corruption never before witnessed in American politics. 

If you haven't read the Wikileaks material, you should. While the Lamestream Media is in Hillary's pocket and has pointedly ignored what Wikileaks has exposed, It makes Trump — for all his faults — look like a saint in comparison to Hillary. I believe Trump will clean house — expose and fix the corruption that has infected our government right down to the local level in many cases — like in Broward County, Florida, where I grew up for example... 

Hillary met with Brenda Snipes, the Supervisor of Elections there, last week. My late brother actually worked for her when he died, as well as for the previous Supervisor of Elections, the late Jane Carroll. He once told me that in comparison to Carroll, Snipes is the most dishonest, blatantly partisan public official he'd ever seen in 20+ years of working for Broward County government. This week, an employee came forward and exposed Snipes' office for filling in thousands of absentee ballots for Hillary and other Democrats. Is there a connection there? You decide... 

How any thinking woman can support and vote for Hillary Clinton after she has vilified all the women her husband has had affairs with, abused, and raped is totally beyond me. I wish someone would explain it to me in a way that makes sense and doesn't reek of the double-standard of partisan hypocrisy.

Trump may be a lot of bad things, and I agree this is the most difficult choice America has ever faced. But I do believe Trump loves America and will surround himself with smart, experienced people who will reinforce the Constitution, clean up the corruption Clinton is banking on to be elected, and bring America back from the brink of extinction that Obama has led us down the path to. Hillary has publicly stated she will continue leading us down Obama's path — until the America we all know and love is gone — and making herself even richer in the process.  

I think that perhaps a lot of people are voting for America more than for Donald Trump, and voting against everything Hillary Clinton is, and stands for. They're voting for what Obama promised, but never delivered — honest Hope and Change.

I hope that answers your question about why I support Donald Trump...


  1. This is a thoughtful, well-stated piece, Lary. Will be sharing it with my Canadian Liberal friends, to show them what objective thinking is all aboot!

  2. I disagree with your assessment of the Democrat party of old. It has ALWAYS been a nasty mean party. It supported slavery and was willing to force the country into a costly deadly Civil War...just to protect slavery. After the Civil War - it was willing to engage in segregation and terrorism (via the KKK)...just to keep the blacks down and oppressed. After Civil Rights were inevitable (the 1960's)...it shifted tactics and focused on creating division and dependency. The party moved from supporting allowing immigration of people who WANTED to become Americans and assimilate to the American dream to one where family connections counted more...and they encouraged illegal immigration and they got away from requiring assimilation. The Democrat party discarded ANY connection to the Constitution - and pushed for more/bigger government and more taxes and more spending.

    IN other words - the Democrat party has NEVER been a good party. Even today - it works HARD to block school choice...it doesn't give a damn about minority children being kept in failing inner city schools....it blocks charter schools....etc. It is still racist at the core to deny minority children the chance to attend good schools.