Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Post-Election Observations...

In reading the highly toxic posts on Facebook from friends and others lamenting Donald Trump's victory, what I find most curious in all this the-sky-is-falling, and our-children-are-doomed reactionary rhetoric is that not a single one of them has stepped up to acknowledge the obvious Hillary Clinton was a highly flawed candidate not easily likable, totally unethical, in-your-face dishonest, morally bankrupt, and brazenly corrupt. 

Did any of them even bother to read any of the Wikileaks material? It is literally a treasure trove of documented information detailing how Hillary and the elitists around her flaunted the law the rest of us are expected to live by, or pay the consequences. Our nation witnessed how Hillary and DNC openly screwed Bernie Sanders right out of the nomination without a second thought a nomination which he rightfully earned and yet lemming Democrats still supported her anyway. The biggest irony, to me at least, is that had Democrats played the game honestly and by their own rules Bernie most likely would have beaten Trump.

So where do we go from here?

If you saw Trump's acceptance speech, you saw him openly reach out to those who didn't support him. He was more gracious and presidential than at any time during this nasty, ugly campaign. If you actually listened to Hillary's concession speech, you heard her ask her supporters to graciously accept Trump's invitation to work together and open their minds to cooperating with the President-Elect. If you listened to President Obama's speech after Hillary's, you heard him echo that same theme of unity and cooperation now that the outcome has been decided.

I question whether or not Trump's highly strident opponents are even capable of that, but I certainly hope they will at least try to give him an even break. That said, Trump needs to act quickly and decisively on some issues which if done right, may actually win some of them over. The first and foremost in my mind at least is the replacement of Obamacare. Not its repeal but its replacement. I understand why this is a major issue to so many. For example, mothers with children who are dependent upon it for the medicine that keeps their children alive are very scared by the uncertainty and justifiably so. For them, and the millions of others who depend on it, there needs to be a seamless transition to a better, more efficient, less costly system not its elimination. 

Trump needs to immediately begin reaching out to our allies in the world community and building bridges that reassure them he isn't a war-monger. Their first and foremost common goal should be the total defeat of ISIS. I also think he needs to reach out to Cuba and let them know he won't cave in to pressure to shut down the new relationship Obama has established. Cuba is a huge American business opportunity just waiting to happen 90 miles off our shores.

There's a lot of other things he needs to pursue as well, and I'm confident he will move America forward. The real question is how much political and anarchist opposition will he face from Hillary supporters for no other reason than he's Donald Trump as opposed to bona-fide philosophical differences? The only advice I can offer is what I learned to do from my training with Tony Robbins and that's in any negative situation to ask yourself two questions "What's good about this?" and "What opportunities are hidden in this adversity?" 

The bottom line is that the sky isn't going to fall; our kids aren't doomed; and the stock market isn't going to crash all because Donald Trump is our President. And more to the point, the sun will rise tomorrow. It's my sincere hope that the Hillary supporters will put aside their differences even if just in the short term so all of America can have an honest chance to come together like we did after 9/11 and seize the opportunities that await us, because as Hillary said, we are all "Stronger Together." Carpe Diem America!        

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