Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Boehme Says He's Undecided About 2008

A few posts down, on piece written March 21, I reported that Republicans Ron Boehme and Lois McMahan were reported to have been overheard at the recent Lincoln Day Dinner saying they intended to run "as a team" in 2008 to challenge incumbent 26th District House Democrats Pat Lantz, and Larry — You wouldn't want NASCAR fans living next door to YOU — Seaquist.

The fact is, Boehme wasn't at the dinner, but in Africa at the time. However, no less than four different people contacted me with this information the Monday after the dinner. To have that many people call that quick, is highly unusual in itself, but all claimed to have heard this at the dinner. Phone calls to Boehme and McMahan were unreturned, but the sources on this are all usually highly reliable for their accuracy.

I received an email from Ron Boehme yesterday objecting to my comments about his past candidacy, possible future candidacy, and my characterization of him as a "right wing religious extremist." He also said he didn't return the phone call because, "I was in
Africa helping to start pre-schools and tuition programs for needy kids."

As for a future possible candidacy, he added, "I have no idea what Lois McMahan is doing in ’08. I haven’t had a personal conversation with her since October. As for me, I haven’t made a decision about running."

So there you have it — somewhat and understandably belated — and direct from the man himself.

Perennial candidate McMahan then sent a belated email the day after Boehme (think they chatted?), saying she never received my voice mail, but stating unequivocally she had no plans to run in 2008. Time will tell…

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