Sunday, April 29, 2007

New Names Surface As Possible S.K. Commissioner Candidates

A couple of new names have surfaced as possible candidates for Jan Angel's county commission seat in 2008. As reported here on March 30, Angel said she will not run for re-election in 2008. Reported to be interested in the seat are Monty Mahan, son of former county commissioner and current Port of Bremerton commissioner Bill Mahan, and Virgil Hamilton, head of the Olympic Peninsula Building Trades Council. Also reported to be interested, but saying she won't make or announce a decision for a while yet, is Port Orchard Mayor Kim Abel, who did announce that she will not run for re-election as mayor this coming November.

Two new names surfaced earlier this week. Reader's here need to understand there is no confirmation from either at this point, and if and when there is, you'll read it here. Both have been contacted via email as of this posting, but with no return communication as of yet.

The first is Mike Davis — who is the police chief in Gig Harbor. He lives in McCormick Woods, and spent the majority of his career in the Kitsap County Sheriff's Office. He worked as a detective under former Sheriff Pat Jones, and served as interim Sheriff between the time Jones retired on a disability leave, and the current Sheriff Steve Boyer was elected. Boyer beat Davis in that election. Davis is a straight shooter and a smart, personable guy that would make a great commissioner — if he did in fact decide to run. Kitsap county could do worse — a LOT worse.

The other name is Terrie Battuello. She has an impressive resume that includes her current job working as the economic development director in Edmonds. She is the former Public Information Officer and policy analyst for the county. She also served in a similar capacity under former Bremerton Mayor Louie Mentor. She is smart, resourceful, quick on her feet and has more on the ball than a lot of people who have never worked with her giver her credit for. Questions about Battuello wouldn't come from her qualifications, but from her relationship with Chris Endresen, and a possible conflict of interest between her as a commissioner, and the relationship her husband's company, Parametrix, with the county. Parametrix does quite a bit of business with the county already, but any future business with her as commissioner would certainly raise red flags within the business community — even if she recused herself from any votes that directly impacted impacted a Parametrix contract. Battuello is a Democrat, and with two other D's on the commission, and her close relationship with Endresen, a conflict of interest isn't a stretch.

Still no word on any Republicans considering the job...

Finally, Hamilton may take himself out of the running for commissioner to focus on a legislative position instead. It's no secret he — and the union people he represents — aren't happy with either Larry — you wouldn't want NASCAR fans living next door to YOU — Seaquist, or Pat Lantz, for their cowardice over supporting NASCAR.

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