Sunday, April 22, 2007

Time For A Progress Report From SEED

With the money former county commissioner Tim Botkin has secured and has committed from the Feds, the state legislature, the Port of Bremerton, Kitsap County and all the other 100 percent taxpayer-funded sources, SEED should be approaching the $4 million mark in funding.

Meanwhile all a Google search for Kitsap SEED finds is a link to the Port of Bremerton, with a small number of press releases, and a defunct website for the project itself.

With that kind of money at stake, isn’t it time Botkin named the companies he’s actually got signed on the dotted line for this project, the number of prospective jobs they’ll bring to Kitsap County, and when we can expect to start seeing them — before he gets any deeper into the taxpayer’s pocket?


  1. SEED, EDC...?? I just payed my taxes last how the County is running out of $$$ and now read about a North Kitsap man "lured" away to work for the Gov of Id as the EconDev(Commerce) director for the state!...Did anyone on the EDC (or whatever it's called today) ever talk with this person? If they did...was he "not one of our types" or "unlikeable"...What??? His resume is probably better than anyone in Kitsap Cty (including BI) and as good as most on the Eastside of Lake W...and he was "lured" away? I guess our EDC folks are the "smartest guys in the room"...why would we ever want help from someone like this?? Soooo sad...

  2. I have to agree. Actually, the fellow in question, Jim Ellick, contacted me right after David Porter left the EDC, and gave me his resume. I was the outgoing chair at the time. I passed it on the the executive committee.

    However, it was also at this same time, the funding governments decided to "reorganize" the EDC. Frankly, I think they let a good one get away, but then, what else is new?

  3. I guess my answer is "What's a Botkin?" and how many companies has the "executive committee" taken public on the NASDAQ?