Monday, December 01, 2008

Looking For a Few Good Writers

As we gear up for the start of new year, I have had to take a serious look at my time commitments, and my duties as Mayor of Port Orchard. With those in mind, I've made a decision to change a few things here at West Sound Politics.

Quite frankly, I do not have enough time to write and post here as much as I would like to. Also, it is honestly not in the best interests of the City for me to comment on some items, and there are others where I have inside knowledge — like the Housing Authority situation for example — that I can't act upon due to the restraints of that knowledge coming as a result of Executive Sessions. And there are still others where as Mayor, it is just plain inappropriate for me to express my thoughts and/or feelings.

So what to do? I've decided that rather than shut this down, I'd like some help with it. I'm looking for a small cadre of local people — 3 or 4 — to help me keep this blog going. You would have to be able to post a couple of hundred words about once a week. I'm looking for people who are thoughtful, informed, pragmatic, centrists, as opposed to partisan pinheads who can't think for themselves.

If this is you, drop me a note at, and lets chat about it.

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