Monday, December 08, 2008

Port CEO to Retire at Year's End

Did years of bickering, character assassination, citizen micro-management, and cynicism surrounding the SEED project finally drive away the Port's CEO? Perhaps a melodramatic assumption, and a question which may never enjoy an answer.

In either case, Ken Attebery took the time to graciously thank many colleagues, co-workers and friends before his decision to retire at the end of this month was made known to the public.

After serving the Port for 11 years as its executive leader, 25 years in total and 38 years of public service in Kitsap and at the federal level, Attebery characterised his tenure as a joy and seemed pleased with his many accomplishments.

A very young 61 and still eager to continue his work in the private sector, we haven't seen the last of his efforts towards improving Kitsap County's economic vitality.

-Registered Voter

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