Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Issue Is Blatant Waste Governor...

KING 5 News has been running an investigative series on waste in the Ferry System almost daily for the past several months. It’s carefully documented numerous outrageous abuses, including employees being paid to travel to and from work, being paid triple time, and taxpayers providing double housing for employees who work in the San Juans. It also exposed the fact Transportation Secretary Paula Hammond replaced one of management's sharpest negotiators because the ferry unions demanded it. 

Recently, reporter Susannah Frame sat down with Governor Christine Gregoire to discuss the situation. The Governor stated flat out that she was aware of the series, but hadn’t taken the time to actually watch any of it.

So when presented with the facts, did Gregoire acknowledge any of the problems? Of course not. Instead, she attempted to misdirect the conversation by asking if Frame had found anything illegal. She then arrogantly postured that Ferries Director David Moseley and Hammond have saved the state $33 million in the past few years — to which Frame, to her credit, reminded Gregoire that the issue is blatant waste and abuse.

If this is what passes for “leadership” in Olympia, is it any wonder our state is broke?

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